Crowdfunding helped this man save the lives of his orphaned niece and nephew

By: Aishwarya Kiran

Published On: June 13, 2019

Number of Donors: 369

Total Funds Raised: Rs. 13,61,770

Diagnosis: Internal bleeding, multiple fractures, and head injuries

On May 1st, 2019 while returning home from a pilgrimage, Chaitanya (19-year-old) and Sathvika (14-year-old) met with a fatal car crash that killed their parents and grand mom. The teenagers suffered internal bleeding, multiple fractures, and head injuries. The doctors at Pinnamaneni Hospital, Vijayawada had the expertise to save the children. However, the treatment was expensive.

Funds became the major obstacle.

Their uncle Dharmendra Sunkara vowed to not let anything come in the way of the recovery of his niece and nephew. Although he didn’t have Rs.18 Lakh upfront, he was determined to find a way to arrange the funds for the children’s treatment. While surfing the internet for feasible medical funding options, he came across The success rate of these fundraisers prompted him to start one of his own. He approached ImpactGuru. In no time donations started pouring in. WhatsApp proved to be extremely helpful in reaching out to his family and friends.

Chaitanya and Sathvika have come a long way since the treatment and are recovering speedily. “In the absence of their parents, crowdfunding became the children’s financial backup. We are beyond grateful to ImpactGuru and the donors for their blessings and donation.” beams Dharmendra

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