From smiles to cries and back to smiles, Hadhya lives

By: Jitesh Matani, Suraj Pandey

Published On: October 08, 2021


Imagine having nothing and still living a peaceful life! We lived a basic life in a small village in Andhra Pradesh. Our Hadhya was going to start pre-school in a month but destiny had some other plans for her. The constant rashes and fever kept tormenting our beautiful girl, but she fought like a champ. But soon her condition got worse and she was diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy. All these words were gibberish to us but the only thing we knew was we had to find a way to save our daughter.


As soon as we started her treatment, we realised that we have to give it all.Each and every penny that we had earned was invested in Hadhya’s treatment. The hospital tried to help us by providing us with some concession but it wasn’t enough. How would 2 coolies arrange Rs 20 lakh? Hadhya was on the ventilator but we knew in our hearts that she will live. The only thing that pinched us was that we didn’t have sufficient funds.


Finally, God came to our rescue in the form of ImpactGuru, a platform where people from all around the world came together to save our little angel. More than 1500 people donated to help us save our daughter’s life. The miracle that we had been waiting for was finally here. Everyone treated Hadhya like their own daughter and we were finally able to raise more than Rs 21 lakh. 


When Hadhya was put on a ventilator, we could feel the hope fading away from our hearts but it came back when random people, whom we have never met. They were happily donating for our daughter’s treatment. Today, our Hadhya smiles, she is out of the ICU but still needs some care. If it was possible we would have thanked each and every donor but since it’s not, here we are hoping none of you gets to face what we did. Thank you to each and every one!



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