Youngest to get PAP & survive it too - 2 y/o Navya did it!

By: Khushi Gohil

Published On: May 11, 2022

Right around the onset of the second COVID-19 wave, little Navya began experiencing shortness of breath, congestion, and fever. The Sonis grew tense and wasted no time in taking their daughter for the COVID test. The results came negative, but before they could celebrate the good news they learned that Navya’s lungs had fallen prey to something much worse - Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis or PAP.

PAP is a rare lung condition in which excessive protein build-up starts blocking the alveoli, thus preventing any air passage in the lungs. In simpler terms, baby Navya’s lungs were so congested with excessive protein accumulation that she could no longer breathe normally. 

Navya had to be admitted to Kashiben Govardhandas Patel Children’s Hospital. There, the Sonis learned that Navya’s lungs can be cleared with an invasive treatment which required washing the protein buildup through saline. As Navya was the youngest case of PAP in India, arranging small-sized saline tubes and carrying out the procedure was a challenge for the doctors. After all, she was just 2 years old then. 

Due to these special requirements, Navya’s treatment cost skyrocketed to a whopping Rs 7 lakh! The pandemic had already affected the family’s financial condition, but with the support of 309 Impact Guru donors, this hurdle was cleared in no time. 

Thereafter, the procedure was carried out smoothly thanks to the team of five doctors and a nurse at KGP Hospital. 

‘Navya is the youngest patient in India to be diagnosed with PAP and thanks to you all, she’s the youngest survivor too! Words can’t do justice to the gratitude I hold for Impact Guru donors. I promise to raise Navya to be just as giving as you all are. Thank you so much for saving my child.’


- Kunal Soni, father of Navya.



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