Start A Fundraiser To Fund Organ Transplant

Finding the right donor is very difficult but raising the funds for a transplant procedure is the actual challenge for many. Unfortunately, though the organ is donated, the transplant cost is so high that many eligible patients who receive organs cannot go through with the procedure. For example, the kidney transplant cost ranges from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs. A liver transplant can cost up to Rs. 25 lakhs. Adding to that is the recovery period that comes with its own expenses.

You’ve Waited For The Organ. Don’t Wait For The Funds.

To make sure that lack of funds don’t stand in the way of saving a life, crowdfunding provides an efficient way to raise the money through friends, family and support groups. An online fundraiser is easy to manage and gives better and faster results, so you can spend more time with the patient instead of arranging for funds. We know in this situation, your time is extremely important which is why we make sure your fundraiser goes live in 5 minutes!

Start a Free Fundraiser

Fundraising ideas to cover medical expenses

Rasie funds for family medical treatment

Start a fundraiser for a family or friend

You can start a fundraiser to help out a friend, family member or colleague who are struggling to pay for kidney, heart or liver transplant.

Help to fundraise a patient

Raise Funds For A Patient

You can start a fundraiser to support your own medical cost and independently take care of your medical treatment without debt.

crowdfunding with offline events

Conduct An Offline Event

Conduct a charity marathon, dinner or activity to spread awareness and raise funds for you or for a friend.

Crowdfunding Has Helped Many Get A Transplant

crowdfunding in kidney transplant

Shubhangi raised INR 31 Lakh for her liver transplant.

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Blood cancer crowdfunding

Swarna raised INR 49 Lakh for her daughter’s heart transplant.

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liver transplant crowdfunding

Rohan raised INR 22 Lakh for his blood cancer

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Medical crowdfunding helps you out immediately!

Impact Guru

It's easy, free and effortless

Compared to getting a loan, crowdfunding lets you to raise funds quickly (in just a few clicks!). Starting a fundraiser is free!

Impact Guru

Get help from those who care

Thanks to social media, help is now just a share away. Ask your friends, colleagues' relatives etc. to donate and share your cause with their contacts.

Impact Guru

Reduce your financial burden

Medical fundraising helps decrease your burden by funding completely or in part, the treatment, without you having to worry about paying back the money.

Impact Guru is one of the Top 10 Crowdfunding Platforms in India for Transplant Costs

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How It Works?

start your fundraiser

Start a fundraiser

Share Your Fundraiser

Share Your Fundraiser

Raise Funds For Medical Bills

Raise Money For Medical Bills

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Transplant Crowdfunding FAQs

Impact Guru is India's leading online crowdfunding platform that enables NGOs to fund their programs as well as individuals to fund their medical expenses, creative projects and personal projects.

Alternatively, it allows you to donate to a cause you support or , choose from a host of vetted causes here on Impact Guru.

Crowdfunding is the practice of raising money for a social cause or project or venture by collecting small contributions from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Crowdfunding helps anyone create an online fundraiser for his/her needs and seek help from people across the globe.

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You need not wait for donor or have the organ ready. We actually suggest you start a fundraiser as soon as you can so that you are ready with the acquired funds and can get the surgery done immediately when you do receive an organ.
If you have more questions or need assistance to start a fundraiser, you can send us an email at [email protected]
This largely depends on how fast you are able to get the word out and the number of networks you share your fundraiser in. However, in the past campaigners have been able to raise anywhere between 5- 25 lakhs in a month!
You can start a fundraiser for free in just 5 minutes! Patient's records, hospital bills and doctor's note are often proved to be effective in getting donations.
Impact Guru disburses funds within 7 working days, after the completion of your fundraiser.

Get help in time, start a fundraiser now!