Impact Guru donors are the reason why I can dream again - Mrunal

By: Khushi Gohil

Published On: May 11, 2022


After completing 10th grade, I was awaiting a new beginning in my life. I had dreams about attending a reputed high school and making new friends there. But my dreams were shattered by my poor health. My health kept deteriorating and every measure by my local doctors kept failing. After changing multiple doctors, and spending endless days in pain, I was finally diagnosed with SLE at P D Hinduja National Hospital. 

I was told that Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or SLE is an autoimmune disorder in which my body’s immune system is mistakenly attacking the healthy body tissues of my kidneys! My kidneys had sustained so much damage that it eventually led to kidney failure. 

Instead of turning pages of my textbooks and attending lectures, I was fighting to live in the PICU. I had never imagined some months ago, that at the age of 16, I would be to be on constant ventilator support and frequent dialysis. Seeing me in this state wasn’t easy on my parents either. On one side was the question of my survival, while on the other, lied a huge medical bill of Rs 10 lakh. 

After spending a few days searching for help, they finally stumbled across Impact Guru and learned about its crowdfunding services. Impact Guru’s longstanding record for saving lives gave my parents hope that some kind people on the internet would definitely find it in their hearts to donate. And they were proven right by 241 Impact Guru donors precisely! More than Rs 6 lakh were raised by the end of my fundraiser and a huge burden was lifted from my parents’ shoulders. 

Thanks to your generous donations and shares across social media, I was able to complete my treatment in time. Today, I attribute my good health to all of you who opened their hearts to me and gave me the chance to dream once again. 

Thank you so much Impact Guru donors! One day, when I’ll be all grown up and financially independent I will pay it forward by supporting those in need just like you all do.


  - Mrunal Kore, 16 years old.




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