NICU care and Impact Guru save Deepali’s Twins

By: Trinete Rodrigues

Published On: January 05, 2021


The survival of my twin boys is nothing short of a miracle for Sachin and me.

On 28th July 2020, I went into labour. I had waited for that moment since the day my husband and I found out about the pregnancy. But it didn’t turn out the way we thought it would. My twin babies were delivered just 24 weeks into my pregnancy. They were severely underweight. Also, multiple illnesses tormented their weak bodies.

I was depressed because I could not hold them in my arms. I struggled to remain strong when I looked at them, as they breathed delicately, in a glass box. I was scared for their life. While I struggled with my emotions, the doctors revealed that my preterm twins needed NICU care for months. That meant, Sachin and I had to collect lakhs of rupees for our babies’ survival.

With every FD broken, some family members refusing to give out loans for the second time and every last penny in savings utilized, Impact Guru was the only option left to try out. The reason why I can hold my twins in my arms today is your donations, shares and prayers. Weeks of NICU support rescued my babies from multiple illnesses and issues associated with low birth weight. They have now been discharged and are home enjoying the attention of their extended family. 

For every effort made by the doctors, nurses, donors and the support provided by the Impact Guru platform, Sachin and I wish to express our heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for saving our dream of becoming parents. 

- Deepali


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