17-year-old Navin Won Over Cancer With A Bone Marrow Transplant

By: Navin Shridhar Naik

Published On: August 07, 2018

Funds Raised: Rs.12,62,694

Number of Donors: 673

After Navin's fundraiser ended, the family came to visit our team and spoke about their crowdfunding experience! Take a look:

Navin dreams of becoming a doctor. After spending months at the hospital and understanding the troubles and pains of the patients around him, he has resolved to work hard and become a doctor. “I will give free treatment to patients who really need it,” he told us.

Navin is only a teenager, but he has shown courage and perseverance that only a few children his age could have. He went through multiple painful chemotherapy sessions. He requested for a discharge from his hospital to give his exams. He scored 90% in most of his subjects, despite studying in the middle of his ongoing treatment. And he finally beat blood cancer!

“It was a tough fight for us. We sold everything to pay for his treatment, including every bit of my jewellery except a necklace that I bought when Navin was born. Navin prohibited me from selling that,” says Radha, Navin’s mother.

The family had spent almost Rs. 15 lakhs on his treatment so far. Neither Radha nor her husband’s family was ready to help them with the finances. Cut off from family, the couple was struggling to save their only son from cancer. 

“The doctor we were earlier consulting said that Navin only has a 25% survival chance. My heart broke as I heard that, it almost sounded like I had lost Navin,” says Radha.

Radha shifted Navin to another hospital where the doctor was confident of saving him. However, they urgently needed funds to get him a bone marrow transplant. His father was a donor match and the surgery had to be held soon. 

After losing everything they had, Radha didn’t know how to arrange for lakh of rupees in a short time. 

They started a fundraiser and were able to raise a few thousands on their own. “We didn’t have a lot of friends and relatives who could help us. Those who could had already helped us in some way or the other.”

Accepted into Impact Guru’s Accelerate model, the fundraiser raised more than Rs. 12 lakhs in 2 weeks!

“We cannot be more thankful to everyone who came forward to help us in time. Navin’s transplant was successful and he is now recovering at home,” says Radha, relieved.

Navin is excited about starting his new life without cancer too! “I’ve decided to study hard and clear my remaining papers and of course, I’m going to eat a pizza finally!”

Your kindness has made this possible!

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Navin’s fundraiser raised funds as part of our Accelerate Model where we helped them with content and marketing services.  


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