Your heart of generosity has saved Baby Aparajita’s ailing heart

By: Oshin Rao

Published On: June 06, 2019

Number of Donors: 217 Donors

Total Funds Raised: Rs 3,50,836

Diagnosis: Congenital Heart Disease

“Choosing to be a single mother after years of abuse was itself a victory for me. Although the society I lived in did not think the same. Life as I knew it had changed and for the first time in many years I felt free and unburdened. But, the joy and freedom I was experiencing were short-lived. As it turns out, my 7-month-old baby girl - Aparajita, had been diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease upon birth and would require an urgent open heart surgery. After years of struggle and trauma, I lost my confidence in anyone. This is why, I was in utter disbelief over the outpouring of generosity by strangers in helping my baby girl most of whom didn’t even know.”  

  • Ankita, mother of Aparajita

When Ankita was pregnant with Aparajita, she finally had a purpose to live and a hope to bank on. Sadly, this dream came with what seemed to be an expiration date. Her baby, Aparajita, who could have set everything right for Ankita, proved to be the reason of her eviction from her in-laws’ house. The reason being that her 2-month-old baby was not only a girl but also sickly, with a major heart condition.

How did you find out about Crowdfunding and ImpactGuru?

To be honest, I wasn’t aware of any such thing as a ‘Crowdfunding’. I had run out options and had only my aged parents supporting me. Then my friend, Mr. Anubrata Koley, suggested ImpactGuru. I barely had to do much in running the fundraiser. The campaign manager and the team took care of it mostly and were a delight to cooperate with.

Were you skeptical about the idea?

I will admit I was skeptical at first. I did not know if it was wise of me to trust something which I did not have enough knowledge about. I had numerous doubts such as will there be transparency in the disbursement of funds? So on and so forth. Then slowly the doubts started fading away, once I saw our goal amount being met on our ImpactGuru’s fundraiser.

What helped you reach a wider audience?

Facebook for sure. I had posted about my daughter’s condition on this platform which actually caught the attention of my friend, Mr. Koley. Thereon, my journey with ImpactGuru began. My friends increasingly brought attention on my post by sharing it within their social circles.

What was the first expenditure after you received the funds?

I used the funds first and foremost for the heart surgery and the later on for the post-operative care and follow-ups with the doctor. No complications or hiccups whatsoever during the transference of funds. It gives me immense relief and happiness to say that my daughter is hale and hearty. It’s been 7 months since the surgery and she is completely fine.

Would you recommend crowdfunding to someone else in need?

Most definitely. For an important but a simple reason that we can be rest assured of our funds getting disbursed quickly. They stayed true to their promise of considering my request and complied with it. The campaign manager went beyond her call of duty and very sweetly inquired about our welfare. I cannot thank all the donors and ImpactGuru enough. I am eternally grateful to them.

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