My dad is on the road to recovery and I have Impact Guru to thank for!

By: Ashwath Seshadri

Published On: September 25, 2020


Recently, I, A.Vamshi Krishna, was going through the most stressful time of my life. 

I live with my family in a small house in Hyderabad. As we belong to a lower-middle-class, we have had to work very hard to achieve anything in life. 

After spending years in gainful employment, my 59-year-old father was on his way to retirement. We were proud of everything he had done through his career to keep his family together. Just as this his retirement was about to bring a new beginning, a severe illness befell him. 

My loving father, Gangadhar fell terribly ill and was rushed to the ICU at Yashoda Hospital. Before we could even absorb what was happening, the doctors conducted medical tests and revealed my dad was suffering from multiple organ failure. 

To add on to the misery, I was given a medical estimate of Rs 20 lakh for his urgent treatment. We spent all that we had and soon ran out of funds. Not knowing where we could get more help, we began researching and learnt about crowdfunding. We started a free online fundraiser on the medical crowdfunding platform 

And it worked wonders for my dad! We shared my father’s cause far and wide on social media platforms and people connected. Many strangers came through for him and helped raise money for his treatment. The credit for his ongoing treatment goes to you, as your help got my father an inch closer to recovery. 

“Today, my dad is recovering. It is all because an effective crowdfunding platform like Impact Guru exists. Thank you!” -(A.Vamshi Krishna, son.) 


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