Baby Reyan’s heart-warming journey- A Crowdfunding Story

By: Himanshu Trivedi

Published On: July 15, 2019


Baby Reyan’s road to recovery had multiple roadblocks- jaundice, infections and a rare congenital disorder called biliary atresia.  The young champ braved all the complications with an infectious smile on his face. However, his long treatment required a continued stream of funds.

Sunny Singh, his father, struggled to arrange Rs. 25 lakh, required for his treatment, for the amount was huge and he had exhausted all his savings during the initial treatment itself. 

After considering various funding options, Sunny Singh’s spirited fight found support in crowdfunding through He was particularly impressed by the prompt support that he received from their team and the transparency with which they promised to handle the funds. In a few simple steps, Sunny created a fundraiser for Reyan.

What happened next was beyond his wildest imagination

Today, Reyan is no more surrounded by doctors and nurses thanks to the support of the donors. He now has his toys around him and he plays to his heart’s content! While the little fighter plays, his parents cherish the sight filled with gratitude in their hearts.

The family thanks everyone for their efforts and generosity.

You can catch Reyan live in action right here:


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