Sambhav leaves cancer behind with the help of Impact Guru

By: Mitaksh Jain

Published On: April 23, 2020



Sambhav did not understand the enormity of his cancer diagnosis. For him, it is what followed later that plunged him into despair.


He was in pain but he did not let it show. His parents needed help with his prolonged chemotherapy. They found hope in the generosity of strangers on ImpactGuru.


Crowdfunding ensured Sambhav sang through and smiled through every strand of hair he lost. He has emerged victorious and will dance away to a cancer-free life, thanks to you.


Sambhav will undergo chemo every 3 months/90 days to ensure he doesn’t have a relapse. The show-stopping child is now fit to join a school and commence his academics.


His parents are grateful for the rescue operation undertaken by each one of you on the ImpactGuru platform. Thank you!

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