You made sweet Tashi’s recovery from blood cancer a reality

By: Tashi Narah

Published On: March 05, 2021



There was a time in life when little Tashi grew tired of asking her parents when she’d be free of constant injections and hospital visits. Just three years old, this sweet girl from Assam, was tortured by blood cancer. She had spent over a year in the hospital, undergoing rigorous treatment for her illness. 

Tashi couldn’t walk, eat, sleep, play or attend pre-school like the other kids of her age. 

It was disclosed to the little girl’s parents that she’d need a bone marrow transplant to survive. 

To add to Tashi’s despair, her father works as a watchman and had already spent every rupee of his savings to save his daughter. 

Against the fear of watching his daughter succumb to blood cancer, her father ran pillar to post to finance her treatment. At that time, Tashi was in the agony of her illness. Her parents spent every last rupee of their savings. Every relative they could ask for help, they did. They even mortgaged the land on which they lived, yet the amount wasn’t sufficient to save Tashi’s life.

It’s when her parents were referred to Impact Guru for medical crowdfunding, a free financial option, to raise money and take care of Tashi’s healthcare bills, her parents breathed a sigh of relief.  

Tashi had travelled to Chennai, miles away from her home and her father’s appeal became the only hope she had to overcome the illness. He conveyed Tashi’s story and pleaded to humanity for help. Within days, the generosity of strangers, and the hospital’s willingness to accommodate them, turned things around for the child. She was able to receive enough donations from society for her surgery with 7000 story shares.

Strangers came together online, united for Tashi’s cause and helped her meet her goal amount for the life-saving transplant operation. The little girl can now dream and live again, thanks to the power of crowdfunding and you. 

“If Tashi didn’t have the support of the society, she wouldn’t have survived blood cancer. Her life was uplifted and we believe now more than ever, that as a society, we can bring about any change. Thank you!” - Bijen Narah (Tashi’s father)


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