Rajaryan shoos away Wilson’s disease with a liver transplant

By: Astha Joshi, Kleio Bhagwati

Published On: February 24, 2021


Ask anyone in our neighbourhood and you would only hear praises for my son Rajaryan. No matter the age, everyone in our village of Kandale is fond of my little boy. But when he became a shadow of who he once was, everyone was as worried as we were. Liver disease preyed on him day and night. An urgent liver transplant to overcome Wilson's disease was his only hope. 

I am from an uneducated family of farmers. My husband spends his daily wage to arrange food for the family. If he skips work for a day, our family sleeps hungry. So, to gather lakhs for Rajaryan's treatment and urgently, was an obstacle we could never have overcome. But as luck would have it, we heard about an online platform that has generous people associated with it. we were told, there were people, who could help Rajaryan get the impending surgery. 

We started a fundraiser on Impact Guru and people saw our son on oxygen support, fighting for his life. They came together with their donations and good wishes. And a miracle happened. 

Today, Rajaryan is back home, recovering well from his liver transplant. He is no more bedridden. He can walk around the house and sit with us during meals. His appetite is also coming back. For years we had seen his eyes yellow and faded- now they shine bright with good health.

Thank you, Impact Guru. Thank you, dear donors. You gave our 7-year-old a new life.

- Renuka Jadhav (Rajaryan’s mother) 

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