Little Nitish survives multiple amputations with donor support

By: Nitish Gowda

Published On: December 23, 2020


Little Nitish had just gone out to play with his friends, but a brush with a live-wire on a neighbour’s terrace left him gravely injured. The child lost an arm and both his legs required amputation below the knee as they became infected.

Nitish’s condition was serious and his survival was uncertain. He needed lakhs of rupees for treatment and rehabilitation. His widowed mother only has a cow that helps her run the household. She lives with her two young children in a rickety, un-plastered hut. Therefore, the chances of Nitish making it with treatment, was impossible.

When Mrs Gowda narrated her plight to the doctors, they asked her to crowdfund. With her limited education, she didn't know how to go about it. She requested her kindly neighbours to help her choose the right crowdfunding platform. With the recommendation from her friends, she began a fundraiser for her son on Impact Guru. Help poured in, in no time. 

With 4000 story shares on Impact Guru’s online platform, Nitish's fundraiser helped him get the much-needed treatment and, eventually, new legs.

Brave Nitish Gowda is on a new path to rehabilitation and new life. Thank you for making it happen with your love and support.


Note- Nitish needs a prosthetic arm too. The family may crowdfund again for the same. 




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