11.23 Lakhs in 26 Hours - Here’s How Anand Pulled It Off!

By: Anand Copparapu

Published On: May 29, 2018

Amount raised: Rs. 11,32,455

Number of donors: 331

Abhijeet was 26 when he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a life-altering condition that makes the body’s immune system attack its own nerves. The result is paralysis, which spread across his body rapidly and soon, he was no longer his enthusiastic, agile self. He stopped working and was restricted to his bed at the hospital.

His treatment was to cost him about Rs 10 lakh. Abhijeet knew his family wouldn’t be able to afford the amount, and neither were they in a position to take on the risk of a loan. A passionate dancer since childhood, Abhijeet wondered if he’d ever be able to move again.

That’s when his colleague and friend, Anand, came to the rescue. Anand brought together four other friends, who together began raising funds for Abhijeet’s treatment. Anand was new to running a campaign and hoped that perhaps half the target amount could be achieved over the course of a few weeks.

To his disbelief, they were able to hit the goal in 26 hours!

Initially, Anand had decided that he would get together a group of Abhijeet’s closest friends to pool in the entire amount themselves. Abhijeet, being an approachable, amiable person who made friends wherever he went, had a large network. They soon saw that more of his contacts were willing to help than they’d imagined. An increasing number of people began messaging them, asking how they could help and where they could transfer the money to.

Anand realized that sending out his bank details to over 100 people was not the ideal solution. This was when they began crowdfunding. His friends in his previous company and the one he was currently with came together to make the fundraiser a success.

In 26 hours, the fundraiser had raised Rs. 11.32 lakh!

Anand and his friends got 331 people to donate to their fundraiser. Here’s how.

Teamwork: If Anand had run the fundraiser on his own, it probably wouldn’t have received half the traffic it did. We’ve witnessed many campaigners like Anand take weeks or even a month or two to raise as much money when they’re doing it alone. Instead, Anand chose to form a group of five campaigners and multiplied the impact made!

User-friendly storybuilder: A good fundraiser story is every campaigner’s strongest fundraising tool. Often, the best marketing strategy can fail if a potential donor isn’t convinced by the story. Anand was able to write a quick, simple and informative fundraiser story using our storybuilder!

Smooth payment gateway: It became apparent that the idea of transferring money to a bank account did not appeal to most donors, who wanted a quick and secure donation platform. Anand was able to make use of the quick, smooth and secure payment gateway through crowdfunding.

Take a look at Abhijeet’s fundraiser page here.

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