1-year-old Shradha’s Heart Was Saved With Your Love

By: Shradha Rout

Published On: August 14, 2018

Amount Raised: Rs. 4,83,392

Number of Donors: 302 

When Shradha was 2 months old, doctors told her parents that their little one had a hole in her heart. Despite hearing this tragic news, they did not lose hope and decided then and there that they would do everything in their power to get their baby the treatment she needed. Her mother devoted days and nights to taking care of Shradha and her father worked overtime in the hope to add a little bit more to the Rs. 9,000 income he earned as a driver.

When she was 8 months old, Shradha’s doctors at Apollo Hospital in Delhi suggested that she must undergo an open heart surgery to improve her chances at survival. There was only one problem. The surgery would cost Rs. 5 lakhs. There was no way they could afford this without selling everything they had. Their savings had been depleted long since and they had also mortgaged their property for her initial treatment. But what about the surgery and medication? What about the post-op care?

“I felt like I had failed as a father. Shradha barely ate anymore. I could see my daughter get weaker and weaker before my eyes. I knew I had to get her that surgery some way or the other.”

Why did they opt for crowdfunding?

This is when the doctors suggested that they try crowdfunding. They had heard of it before, but were unsure of its ability to deliver results. They doubted that strangers would want to contribute money for their daughter’s treatment. Nevertheless, they were running out of time and options and decided to take a leap of faith.

Shradha’s father started a fundraiser on Impact Guru on 21st April 2018. 

There were contributions, shares and prayers from everywhere. Before this, they felt isolated in their suffering. The routine hospital visits had left time for little else in their lives. But the support they garnered from the fundraiser gave them new hope.

When they managed to collect Rs. 3, 83,392 , the couple cried  in relief! On 23rd April ‘18, Shradha received her surgery. Doctors were impressed with her recovery and she was discharged in a week. She had turned a year old and this was the best birthday gift all their well wishers could give her!

“My daughter can walk now. She loves playing and keeps her mom on her toes. All this is possible because of your donations and Impact Guru. Thank you for saving my daughter’s life, we are immensely grateful for your help!” - Shradha’s Mother

View Shradha's fundraiser here.

This fundraiser was a part of Impact Guru’s Accelerate model where our internal content and marketing strategies were used to help the fundraiser reach its goal.

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