When all seemed lost 882 donors came to Varshinis’s rescue!

By: Krisha Gohil, Suraj Pandey

Published On: August 06, 2021



Varshini’s smile never faded after hearing the words ‘B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (Blood Cancer)’. She was barely 6 and was smiling widely even when fate had uncomfortable months planned ahead for her. 

It all began with persistent fever and infection after getting her ear pierced. Multiple blood tests hinted at the actual name of the disease that the little girl was innocently referring to as ‘corona worm’. However, the brave girl’s mom understood the gravity of the situation quite well. She knew that her bubbly child would be taken away from her without 6 to 8 months of chemo and maintenance therapy worth Rs 15 lakh.

Varshini’s father used to work as a salesman in a car showroom and was ensuring that he fulfilled all the duties of a loving husband and a doting father. But with the lockdown, he lost his job and was compelled to start his own canteen service business to keep the household running. When the news of Varshini’s deadly disease veiled the last ray of hope for her parents, they had no option but to take on loans. Varshini’s mother had to sell her ornaments too. 

Then too, the poor middle-class family only managed to raise Rs 5 lakh, which were soon exhausted in blood tests, expensive medication, and a few chemo cycles. For Varshini to see it through this harrowing disease, continuous medical care was imperative. Not once did Varshini cry or throw a tantrum during her treatment, and this optimism motivated her mother to seek out options even when all felt like a lost cause. 

After getting to know about the concept of crowdfunding, Varshini’s mother reached out to ImpactGuru.com and within a span of a few months, they were able to achieve- Rs 13,42,773- 90% of the goal amount for Varshini’s treatment with the generosity of 882 donors

Today, cute Varshini is in the last stage of her treatment, and she is still smiling resiliently through it all! Thanks to kind donors like you who came forth to offer the same optimism that this brave 6-year-old was fighting cancer with.  

ImpactGuru was our last hope and we weren’t let down even once. Today my husband and I believe a lot more in the generosity of humanity than we did before. Our little Varshini’s goodness was met with the goodness of hundreds of donors around the globe.” 

- B. Manjula, Varshini’s mother.

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