Crowdfunding rescues Naveethan when everything else failed.

By: Mitaksh Jain

Published On: July 02, 2019


Her life had lost all its sounds when Prema Reddy’s husband was diagnosed with D9 duodenal perforation peritonitis. In simple terms, he had a hole in his intestine owing to which, the body waste remains in the body, wreaking havoc on other organs. 

Just when Prema was sinking into a vacuum, your generosity rallied behind her and helped her pay for Navneethan’s treatment which cost Rs 16 lakh. She had to withstand a volley of expensive medical procedures at that time for her husband’s treatment.

Navneethan was the only earning member of the family. But your support via ImpactGuru shielded her from drowning in a sea of medical bills. 

Prema is extremely grateful that Navneethan is out of danger and recovering gradually, thanks to the generosity of the donors on It is going to be a long journey as he will require constant dialysis support and physiotherapy to lead a healthy life.

This is a testament to how drops of help from individuals can build an ocean of change in someone else’s life.   



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