A Father’s Heroic Sacrifice to Save His Daughter’s Life

By: Harish Rohra

Published On: May 28, 2018

Funds raised: Rs. 8,02,180
Donors: 179

Harish used all the money he had saved for his kidney transplant to save his daughter’s life

“We could not wait for Parvati’s surgery. I was on dialysis and I could wait,” Harish said. This is a father speaking, one with kidney disease. His daughter Parvati was five at the time, and had suddenly fallen ill with multiple organs failure.

Dialysis is painful and expensive. Victims of kidney disease wait for years to get transplants so the horror of weekly dialysis routines can end for good. But Harish embraced the pain. Parvati’s treatment was his top priority. The family could pay for either the child’s surgery, or the father’s. For Harish, it was not a difficult choice. He put his daughter first.

First things first

Harish Rohra, a small businessman from Hyderabad was diagnosed with kidney disease back in 2014. Exhausted and frustrated with acute pain and discomfort, Harish too came to terms with getting a transplant. He pooled funds, accepting help from friends and relatives, and prepared himself for surgery.

Weeks before he was due for operation, Harish’s young daughter Parvati was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Alagille syndrome. The syndrome affects vital organs such as the heart, the liver, and the kidneys. Parvati needed a series of surgeries to live. Her parents decided to fund the surgery with all the money they had collected for Harish’s kidney transplant. Parvati’s operations were a long ordeal the family is eager to forget, but it was a success.

A battle was won, but not the war... 

The Rohra family was back to where it was as far as Harish’s own health was concerned. Their savings were depleted. Harish’s condition deteriorated with every passing day. 

Discovering Crowdfunding

Harish chanced upon Impact Guru on Facebook. The world of online crowdfunding had been alien to him until then. In fact, his family questioned the viability of crowdfunding for medical treatment. But he decided to try it, having nothing to lose.

The Impact Guru team  explained their work to him, and stood with Harish every step of the way. He remembers feeling calmer, knowing he would not be alone on this foray into raising funds..

Harish started a fundraiser, and Impact Guru helped promote it on social media. He did the best job he could to share his campaign with his own network. In 35 days he had reached his target of raising Rs. 8.15 lakhs. Within two days of closing the fundraiser, Impact Guru disbursed funds to him.

“Honestly, this would not have been possible without Impact Guru’s platform and their dedicated customer support who guided me through every step of my fundraising journey,” Harish said. He is relaxed, now that he is financially in a place to receive surgery as soon as a kidney match becomes available, and grateful to everyone who made the impossible happen.

What worked:

An emotional connect: The pathos of Harish’s situation was universal. Here was a father who risked his health and life for his daughter. He said this in simple language in his fundraiser story, and it created an instant emotional connection with donors. Old friends from school and college got back in touch with the Rohras and contributed.

Pictures and documentation made things authentic: Harish used a photo of himself taking a dialysis treatment in hospital, and added images of medical papers. This built a trust bridge for potential donors to connect with Harish’s cause more effectively. 

Facebook and WhatsApp saved his day: Though Harish had retired from his social network for months, Facebook helped him to reconnect with his old friends. When they heard his story, they rose to the occasion with donations, secondary campaigns and WhatsApp soliciting, asking for donations on his behalf. 

Harish Rohra played his daughter’s superhero. We are proud of his resilience and courage and happy to have been of help to him on his crowdfunding journey. To have witnessed this success confirms our faith that there is good in people. Together, we can move mountains.

Update: On March 14, we received the shocking news that Harish passed away. His body had been unable to accept the new organ and the subsequent weeks of treatment were in vain. Harish taught us what one was capable of, armed with determination, love and selflessness. We are honoured to have been there for him in his time of need. May he rest in peace.

You can view his fundraiser here.

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