This Foundation Stepped In to Better Education for Medical Students

By: Q-Med Knowledge Foundation

Published On: May 29, 2018

Target: Rs. 2,00,000
Raised: Rs. 3,23,380

100 postgraduate medical students were unable to do research for their thesis due to inadequacies in their curriculum, until QMed stepped in to provide much-needed training.  

There is always scope to know and learn better. While some learnings methods are efficient, others aren't. QMed Knowledge Foundation was founded by former medical librarian Vasumathi Sriganesh, who nurses a passion for quality education when she realized that medical students were wasting hours everyday using inefficient research methods as they wrote their thesis.

For these postgraduate medical students, learning the correct techniques for thesis research was a vital inadequacy in their curriculum, one that nobody had addressed earlier. QMed has been conducting workshops and lectures in various cities in India for years now, and they've gotten surprised feedback from students, who couldn't believe how simple research became through their methods.However, QMed charged little for their workshops and faced a lack of funds. They began crowdfunding to offer workshops to 100 medical postgraduate students by teaching them scientific ways of searching for relevant literature, evidence based search, and further do the referencing with ease. After each workshop, the team behind this initiative will guide and work with each participating student, and help them in searching, citing and referencing for their thesis project. The cost of training one student is Rs.2,500, out of which, Rs.500 will be borne by the student and the rest by the foundation. Not only did they see crowdfunding as an opportunity for raising funds to organize workshops for these students, but they also had something to offer in return. 

Here’s what worked for them:

Useful rewards: Contributions of certain amounts gave donors a chance to avail free sessions to these workshops. These opportunities were not to be missed, and people we’re eager to help the medical students in their endeavours.

A defined Call to Action: QMed encouraged their audience with a small ask of Rs 500 from 500 people. A simple and specific CTA, as opposed to asking potential donors to "contribute as much as they can" worked wonders for their campaign as this appeared more realistic to their audience.

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