Ifra’s brightness can’t be dimmed with a failing liver

By: Khushi Gohil

Published On: May 11, 2022


Before I learned that excessive copper buildup was decaying my liver, I kept believing it was just a harmless element in the periodic table. 

Restless nights, fever, nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath, and stomach aches became common in my life just after I cleared my 8th grade. My parents took me to multiple doctors, but all of them said the same thing - she has Wilson’s Disease and only a liver transplant can save her before it starts affecting her brain. 

My father was already out of jobs due to the lockdown, whereas my mother was barely making ends meet as a home tutor. They have always wanted the best for me. When they learned that lakhs would be needed for my transplant, they didn’t spare a thought before taking out a loan and knocking on many doors for help. But the bill at Global Hospitals surpassed their blood sweat and tears when it came down to Rs 23.11 lakh. Just when we thought that all doors had been closed on us, Impact Guru’s doors swung open. 

The kind coordinators at Impact Guru guided my parents through the entire process and took care of everything - right from launching the fundraiser to making the final payment. However, my real saviors were you all - the 1655 generous donors of Impact Guru who raised more than Rs 23 lakh for me within a few months. It’s because of your kindness that my mother could donate a part of her liver to me on July 6, 2021. 

After completing my post-operation care, I was allowed a discharge and I returned back home with a new hope to again find all the joys of living that I had lost to Wilson’s. Now, I can go back to studying and playing with my friends. I can also enjoy a few bites of my favorite dishes.

Thank you Impact Guru donors! You’re the reason I have the chance to live beyond 13 and become a liver specialist. One day, I too will save lives victimized from liver issues with my knowledge and pay it forward by donating open-heartedly to causes of several ailing children. 


  - Ifra Fatema, a 13-year-old Wilson's warrior




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