A young director’s vision was funded in 20 days!

By: Rukmini Chopra

Published On: May 29, 2018

Total funds raised: Rs. 53,373
Donors: 17

1 dreamer. 17 backers. 1 grand story of success 

You must have heard of the phrase ‘snowball effect’. It’s a process in which something that starts off small, becomes big in no time. Something similar happened to Utkarsh Goel, who is pursuing filmmaking and is a student at Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication, Bengaluru. 

A director’s vision 

Utkarsh and his team members aspired to tell the story of four college friends, reminiscing, reconciling their differences and starting afresh on their last night together in the institution,  through a short film titled ‘Mitra Mandal.’

After borrowing money from all the resources they could come across, the team continued to find themselves short on funds. They needed the money for the camera and lighting equipment. As a result, Utkarsh and others started a fundraiser for the same on our website.

The one with the videotape 

Hard work always pays off and Utkarsh’s story is a clear example. Where most campaigners raise funds by putting up a story along with images, the filmmaker went a step ahead and uploaded a video for his fundraiser. You can have a look at it here: 

It often happens that some people don’t have the resources to create videos like these, and that’s fine. But for those who do, going the extra mile will only work in your favour and Utkarsh vouches for that. “ I would say that the fundraiser was successful mainly because of the video,” he said while speaking to us. 

He pointed out that a video makes one’s campaign much more attractive. “People may not has the time to read what you have written. Instead if you out up a nice, short and catchy video, it works much better,” he added. 

How did he do it?

Utkarsh also told us about the other means he resorted to, to promote his fundraiser.
Promoting the fundraiser on Facebook: The filmmaker said that from all the social media platforms that exist, he primarily tacked Facebook. “I personally used Facebook and all my friends shared the fundraiser on their pages as well,” he said. 

Spreading the word on Whatsapp: Utkarsh also used Whatsapp, where he reached out to a lot of people and promoted the fundraiser on several Whatsapp groups. 

Reaching out to filmmakers: It’s important to reach out to people who will relate to the cause. Utkarsh did the same and while talking about his experience, he said, “I had a few contacts from the film industry.  There was a donor from the film field who donated exactly half the amount, as he is filmmaker and he understands the struggles we have to go through.” 

Tasting success 

Utkarsh and his team managed to raise Rs. 53,373 above the required Rs. 40,000 in a matter of 25 days through 17 donors! Raising a fundraiser on our website proved to be fruitful for him indeed! 

He informed us that his project ‘Mitra Mandal’ is now in motion and has entered the pre-production state. Talking more about the same, Utkarsh said, “We start sourcing money before pre-production. That way we can know about the scale of our production. The shooting of the film will begin this Sunday (February 25).”

The shooting has commenced according to plan. Check out this picture that Utkarsh shared with us: 

We wish Utkarsh and his team good luck for the film and encourage others to keep crowdfunding! 




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