ImpactGuru Helps Khushbu In Her Battle Against Cancer

By: Ashwath Seshadri

Published On: September 18, 2019

 I am Shantanu Gupta. Back in January 2019, life was good for Khushbu, and me. But fate had something else planned for my wife. One evening, after I returned home from work, Khushbu suddenly fell unconscious.

I rushed her to a hospital in Nagpur where the doctor examined her and ordered a CT scan and MRI. The thought of my wife going through such complicated tests was shocking! Then came a bigger shock. There was a growing tumor in her brain that needed to be removed immediately. Khushbu was diagnosed with brain cancer. 

My wife’s health was deteriorating rapidly and the growing medical procedures were becoming tough to understand. I was informed that Khushbu needed to be shifted to Apollo Hospital, Chennai where she would receive the best medical care. As her tumor was malignant in nature, a series of irradiation surgeries needed to be performed, followed by chemotherapy sessions. The cost of this treatment was estimated at around Rs.40 lakh.       


crowdfunding for cancer

I put together all my savings and got Khushbu admitted in Chennai. However, I soon ran out of money.  As we belonged to a middle-class family and couldn’t arrange the big amount in a short span of time. After consulting some doctors, we started a fundraiser on

In no time, my free fundraiser managed to raise over Rs.30 lakh from 2261 generous strangers after I shared Khushbu’s story. 

Today, after 7 months of her ongoing treatment, Khushbu is on her way to recovery and we thank the power of crowdfunding that helped me save my wife’s life and pay for all her medical bills.    

Editors Note: Kushbu, unfortunately, had a relapse and left this world in November 2019. ImpactGuru thanks all the kind donors and prays that the family has the strength to cope with the void Khushbu has left behind.


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