A new liver for Nikita, made possible by crowdfunding

By: Ashwath Sheshadri

Published On: November 07, 2019


Amount raised: Rs.20,20,103

Donors: 925

It was no less than a nightmare for the Gosavi family, when they found out that their daughter was experiencing symptoms similar to what her younger brother had, a few years ago. 26-year-old Nikita complained of terrible pain in the abdomen and was constantly feeling nauseated. Her parents noticed the yellow-tint in her eyes and rushed her to Global Hospital, Mumbai. What happened next was something their parents could never be prepared for. 

Nikita had completed her post-graduation in Telecom and was working with one of India's leading mobile operators. Everything was going well until the doctor at the hospital examined her health and ordered multiple tests. Her reports, unfortunately, diagnosed her with end-stage liver failure. 

This news shocked her family. The Gosavi family had already lost their son to the same disease. The parents were determined not to let Nikita meet the same fate. A transplant was the hour’s need and her parents started looking for a match. Nikita had to leave her job and was frequently hospitalized for injections and other treatments. She was dependant on medications until they stopped showing any sign of improvement. A year ago, her father, unfortunately, passed away, leaving her mother alone to take care of Nikita’s health. 


Her mother’s friend recommended ImpactGuru where she could start a free online campaign. Nikita’s transplant and medical bills came up to Rs.30 lakh. So, she started a fundraiser on ImpactGuru.com. Within a few days, 925 donors came together and donated 67% of the goal amount. 

Today, only because of your donations, Nikita has had a successful liver transplant and is looking forward to a new life! 

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