How The World Came Together To Fund Keerthisha’s Heart Surgery

By: M Madhuri

Published On: May 29, 2018

Funds raised: Rs. 7,72,234
Donations: 385 

Madhuri and Goutham spent over four lakh rupees on their baby's first heart surgery. They set on a crowdfunding mission to afford the rest of her treatment.

Zeus used Dionysus’s battered heart to recreate him, by attaching it to his thigh, and thus Dionysus became known as “twice-born”. He is one of the most popular deities in Greek mythology.

This mythical story serves to emphasise the struggles and sufferings of those who are the most helpless - sick children. It brings to light how people rally to protect them from harm. We are going to share a story of such humanitarian success, of a battle won when the life of baby Keerthisha was saved.

Born on September 24th, 2016, Keerthisha ushered in joy that sent her parents over the moon. However, this ephemeral happiness evaporated when doctors diagnosed her with multiple holes in the heart. One month old Keerthisha would need heart surgeries immediately.

Arranging money for the first surgery wasn’t easy as the treatment costs were quite high for a family of moderate means. This surgery was meant to correct a few holes in the heart to buy her more time, when further treatments would restore her to full health. This operation had to be performed so that a much more extensive and invasive surgery could be carried out later. 

Madhuri and Goutham spent over four lakh rupees on the first heart surgery. At the age of one month, Keerthisha underwent two preliminary procedures.

But by now they had already exhausted all of their savings and still needed seven lakh rupees to cover for a final heart surgery and post-operative care. They put their faith in crowdfunding with Impact Guru. Goutham’s campaign was up and running after only a few simple setup steps and without any initial costs. He remembers that the Impact Guru team emphasized on the importance of writing a compelling fundraiser story, and uploading photos of baby Keerthisha, and any medical documentation he could supply. He cooperated, and then he left the rest to destiny. 

Much to his amazement, he was pleasantly surprised when the fundraiser raised 103% of the goal amount in just 8 days!

Weeks later, we got in touch with Goutham to check on baby Keerthisha’s progress. Goutham said, “I had zero knowledge. I Googled to know the basics for running a campaign on any website. Later I searched about the top players in this industry, and out of all those I preferred Impact Guru. Our target was 6.50 lakhs, out of which I thought we hardly may raise a lakh. By God’s grace we were able to raise 103% in a week’s time and for this we were grateful and happy.”  

Keerthisha’s fundraiser was shared 269 times on Facebook and brought in 385 donations from around the world! Impact Guru and Goutham’s joint endeavors  in establishing and spreading the appeal on social media did the trick. These people became part of a growing network and shared it with other people in turn, setting up a domino effect, bringing in more donors. Not just that, each donation encouraged the next one, proving over and over again the power of people, the power of crowdfunding. Impact Guru offered tax benefits to US and UK-based donors, many of whom expressed interest in coming back to donate for similar causes. 

“When the campaign was successful many of our supporters came to know about the power of crowdfunding. We realise that if the story reaches the right people at the right time every campaign can be successful. Raising money and achieving 100% target is success for Impact Guru, but now all we pray is that our baby should get operated and later lead a normal baby’s life without any further complications. That’s what I call success,”  Goutham says.

All in all, people came together to save the life of a baby because they were moved by the story of her condition. And much like Zeus saving Dionysus, the collective might of good people ensured that Keerthisha too would get a second chance to live the happy and fruitful life she deserves. 

Visit Keerthisha's fundraiser page here.

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