Crowdfunding Became the Crutch that Aids Deepak to Good Health

By: Kleio Bhagwati

Published On: August 19, 2019

                                                                                                             Crowdfunding Became the Crutch that Aids Deepak to Good Health


Funds raised: Rs. 12,79,099

Duration: Two weeks

Donors: 889

When Deepak was left bedridden after he contracted bone marrow tuberculosis and avascular necrosis, the women in his household took up the mantle of running the family. Deepak’s wife Monica started working as a house help and his mom started a tea stall.

The ladies tried their best to make ends meet while Deepak remained positive that he would soon recover. Unfortunately, Deepak’s health kept declining. Although the family tried to keep a brave face, they had to face the inevitable. 

Deepak needed multiple surgeries to overcome avascular necrosis. The disease was eating away at his bone tissues by cutting off the blood supply. The cost of the surgeries was estimated at Rs 20 lakh. The ladies didn’t have that kind of money for Deepak’s treatment.

Deepak had a little idea about it and researched further. A LinkedIn post led him to 899 donors in 2 weeks raised 13 Lakh for Deepak’s treatment. 

Deepak received his surgeries on time and is recovering slowly and steadily.

Deepak and his family thank all the generous donors and well-wishers.

Meet Deepak and watch his journey here.



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