Your efforts paid off - Anantha expresses her gratitude towards you!

By: Aman Soni, Shreyoshi Das, Kleio Bhagwati

Published On: July 02, 2022


“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to help others"


Dear Impact Guru donors, I would never say you are that “someone”. You are the reason I am alive today. Despite being on oxygen support, my life was swimming on the charted oceans of your blessing and love.

I was diagnosed with Covid-19 and my health grew worrisome with my lung infection getting worse. While on oxygen support, all my hopes were tied with you. The treatment at Shine Hospital was estimated at Rs 10 Lakh. We could not have afforded this treatment at any cost without your timely help. If you would not have arrived at that exact moment, I would not have been alive today, writing you a thank you note. 

As we made our fundraising campaign live on Impact Guru, we started receiving great responses from you. My family’s shined with joy, and their hope saw a new rising sun. I also thank the Impact Guru team that promptly transferred funds to the hospital and my treatment continued without a problem.

Thank you to all my wonderful Impact Guru donors for helping me get a successful Covid-19 treatment.


-  Remembering my saviors,

-  Your Anantha Lakshmi



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