Karthikeyan Won The Fight To Save His Newborn Daughter’s Heart

By: Karthikeyan

Published On: August 28, 2018

Funds Raised: Rs. 4,28,950

Number of Donations: 246

“We knew that we could not have raised such a huge amount on our own. It is only because of the love and support from all our donors that my daughter is alive today.” - Karthikeyan, Vaishnavi's father

Karthikeyan and his wife had waited 5 long years for a baby. Their small, loving family felt a sense of completion that they had never experienced before. They had saved up for pretty baby clothes, shoes and everything else that they could afford on the father’s meagre Rs. 6000 - 8000 salary. He didn’t mind working odd jobs so that his daughter could have the best he could provide. 

However, just 2 days into parenthood, they saw their daughter grasping for breath. The local doctor suggested that it was probably just jaundice but that they should take a second opinion. That night the entire family slept hungry, and in pain.

They wanted to leave no stone unturned so they travelled all the way from Chennai to Pondicherry and admitted Vaishnavi to Apollo Hospital. Their 7-day-old was immediately diagnosed with a heart disease. It would take Rs. 5 Lakhs to get her the open surgery that she now desperately needed to survive. 

In no time, they found themselves owing Rs. 1 Lakh for minor tests alone. 

The doctors at Apollo saw the couple’s struggle and connected them to Impact Guru, where a campaign manager created a fundraiser on their behalf. 

All their hopes and prayers worked and they found themselves surrounded by well wishers and supporters who had faith in their daughter’s recovery. They could not believe that they actually raised Rs. 4,28,950! That was more money than they had ever seen in their entire lives!

“We finally felt like we could breathe freely again. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped saving my daughter. We had started to lose hope but you stepped up and saved the day. We will always keep you in our prayers,” said Karthikeyan.

Vaishnavi received her open heart surgery on May 13, 2018 and was discharged healthily the next month on the 15th of June. She is now nestling comfortably in her mother’s arms, exactly where she belongs and it’s all thanks to YOU!

You can view Vaishnavi's fundraiser story here.

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