A Critical Road Accident Left Swati’s Father Fighting for His Life

By: Swati Tyagi

Published On: May 29, 2018

Target: Rs. 5,00,000

Raised: Rs. 2,06,186

Swati’s was gutted when her father met with a critical road accident, and she was unable to afford the medical treatment.

Swati’s father met with a critical road accident, that has left him fighting for his life in the ICU for the last 15 days. Unfortunately, the hospital had to discontinue his treatment, as Swati was unable to make the payment for the treatment. The hospital informed her that in order for her father’s treatment to continue, she had to pay up the bill of Rs. 9 Lakhs. She contacted Impact Guru with her problem and went on to start a campaign on our online crowdfunding platform. 

Here’s what worked for Swati’s campaign:

Touching photos: Through Impact Guru, she found many kind souls who offered a helping hand when they saw the heart-wrenching pictures of her father’s physical injuries, and his critical condition in hospital.

Here’s wishing Swati’s father a speedy recovery.

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