You helped 20-year-old Rachel achieve her dreams!

By: Shreevidhya Ravi

Published On: March 12, 2019

Funds Raised: Rs 17,80,967

Number of Donations: 833

“I have a year left to actually become a dentist, I knew that I grew up with a dream to serve people medically but now that I’m actually so close to becoming a dentist, it almost seems surreal”, remarks Rachel.

20 year old Rachel’s journey started in Chennai, the city she was brought to after her family adopted her when she was a baby. Her parents got divorced when she was still in school and she started living with her mother. But life decided to test her once again when her mother abandoned her and she became an orphan overnight.. again. Just like that, she found herself cornered into funding her own expenses.

Her medical school dreams came with an exuberant price tag and she was scared that the lack of funds might strain her dentist aspirations. This is where you stepped in and gave her the strength to make her dreams a reality, she was able to raise an impressive amount of Rs 17.8 lakhs!

Here, Rachel tells us about how she crowdfunded to make her dentist dreams come true..


How did you get to know about ImpactGuru.Com?

I came to know about ImpactGuru.Com, through a good friend of mine. She was introduced to ImpactGuru.Com by our professor. That’s how I chanced upon the crowdfunding platform that literally changed my life!

Were you hesitant about crowdfunding online?

It definitely took a lot of courage to tell my life story to the world through ImpactGuru.Com. However, the support that I got was phenomenal! Over 833 donors all across the world had come forward to show their support so that I can continue my education!

What was your first expenditure after you got the funds?

I had a couple of things that I had fundraised for. Apart from the usual hostel fees, food fees and academic fees, I was also able to pay off the fees for my lab, exam and textbooks.

“The world is not as bad as we see it...if we change our perspective then everything is going to be fine!”

-Rachel Chacko

Rachel cannot be more grateful for your support and continued generosity! She is currently on her way to becoming a successful dentist! ImpactGuru is sure that she has a bright future ahead!

You can read her story here.

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