Raise Money for Cancer Treatment

When you, or someone in your family is diagnosed with Cancer, it is a devastating moment for the patient as well as for their family and friends. For most families who have a cancer sufferer, or even a survivor, their lives gets reduced to hospital visits, doctors bills, and expensive medicines. Additionally, procedures such as radiation, and chemotherapy are extremely costly, adding more strain to a family’s financial troubles.

During these difficult times, Impact Guru’s free online fundraising platform to raise funds to fight cancer, can become a ray of hope to many.

Easy Crowdfunding

From doctor’s bills, follow ups, periodical tests, and medicines - Impact Guru can help you raise funds for these expenses.

Reduced Financial Burden

Raise funds online for your loved ones costly procedures such as radiation, and chemotherapy.

Defeat Cancer

Create a campaign for a charity which supports people who are severely underinsured to fight a disease as fatal as cancer.

In India, an estimated 8.8 lakh cancer related deaths are expected by 2020.

Let us resolve to not let these numbers become our reality!

How it works?

Why crowdfund on Impact Guru?

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  • Receive donations from across the world

By starting a fundraiser to treat cancer, you can raise money for the treatment of a cancer patient by mobilizing people who are compassionate to help, with the right combination of technology and innovation. A fundraiser on Impact Guru is an easy and fastest way to help cancer patients who require financial assistance.

Fight the battle together!

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