What is film crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is rapidly becoming the go-to method for budding and independent filmmakers to put their work out into the world. If you’re passionate about telling someone’s story through the art of filmmaking, or if you just want to use your skills to bring awareness about a certain subject, film is arguably the most influential form of storytelling.

The only problem is that making a film comes with a budget. And as filmmakers who are relatively new to the industry, chances of finding a sponsor for your film are slim to none.

We, at Impact Guru, understand that cinema needs to be used as a catalyst for social impact, and our platform is here to help you solve your funding problems.

Pre-production Costs

Your location costs, your costume bills, actor and technician’s fees will be covered if your story here, connects with others.

Find your creative team

Have the script ready? Need experts like an animation enthusiast or cinematographer? Ask them to contribute monetarily and creatively, and be a part of the project.

Shape your post-production

Distribution expenses, editing and studio charges. A long list to accomplish after the movie is done, and no money? Attract your fan base & seek their support via funds.

How it works?

Why crowdfund on Impact Guru?

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