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To conserve the rapidly depleting greenery along the Konkan coastline, Mera Terah Run started a fundraiser on our platform to Save the Forests. The campaign requested contributions to buy 50 acres of forest land in the name of Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra to help conserve it. Through the campaign and a marathon, they raised 4 lakh rupees to preserve the dying ecology! Read more

Chennai floods brought together a lot of donors who wanted to extend help. Seeing the potential of funds that could come from the crowd, World Vision India started a campaign on our platform and raised a whopping 2.7 lakhs to send relief material to help those who were affected by the disaster! Read more

With an ambitious goal of teaching 1 million children across the country, vChalk has taken yet another leap by raising 2,17,000 to help at least 2000 children from low-income houses learn English and Math through innovative teaching methods! Read more

A group of young Harvard alumni decided that an evening of fun and entertainment could also translate into something better – helping Indus Action further their cause to impact education. The Wine. Dine. (Feel) Fine. Fundarising Mixer overflew with donations to surpass its original target of 60,000 to raise a total of 85,550. What an evening! Read more


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