Let Mark’s Soul Rest in Peace

By: Samit Kampani

Published On: May 29, 2018

Target: Rs. 3,65,000
Raised: Rs. 4,07,957

After Mark John Gaitley’s unfortunate demise, the hospital wouldn’t release his body the last rites, until his family cleared his medical expenses.

Mark John Gaitley battled cancer valiantly for 3 years before the illness took his life. After his death, all Mark’s family wanted was to give him a full burial, but the hospital wouldn’t release his body until all his treatment expenses were settled. The family had been in financial distress for a while, struggling to pay off the expenses. After much coaxing, Mark’s body was released by the hospital, with the condition that all the expenses be settled by 4th March, 2017. 

They needed Rs. 3,65,000 to clear the dues at the hospital, and watching them struggle to arrange the money, one of Mark’s friend started a crowdfunding campaign via Impact Guru’s online platform. 

Great campaign story: They made a powerful appeal to friends and family, through an emotional campaign story.

Good social media reach: The shared his story via various platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, and also reached out to unknown donors via Impact Guru. They can finally mourn Mark’s death in peace.

Visit Mark's fundraiser page here.

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