Shiva Raj gets bone grafting surgery with your help and love

By: Trinete Rodrigues

Published On: October 22, 2020



Achanna was financially in a tight spot after her husband’s untimely demise. She struggled to cope with the loss and ensure a beautiful life for her two young boys. The COVID-19 lockdown only added to the young widow’s problems. She lost her job as a housemaid and the Rs 10,000 income which helped run the household. But this wasn’t where her troubles ended. 

Achanna was in a deep mess when one day, she found her son wailing in pain in the kitchen. Her 10-year-old Shiva Raj had injured his right arm which he had fractured months ago. X-rays revealed that the young one suffered a pathological fracture. That meant his bones were too weak for daily wear and tear. He needed to undergo bone grafting surgery without which Shiva Raj could lose complete mobility in his arm. 


In a desperate attempt to get her son surgery, she borrowed money from her relatives and family members. But the required amount was massive for the widowed mother to arrange. She then turned towards crowdfunding on Impact Guru’s online platform with a sliver of hope. 


Your kindness went a long way!


With donations coming in and shares on the fundraiser story, Achanna raised the goal amount. Shiva Raj got the surgery. He now plays to his heart’s content without the fear of being permanently disabled. You helped Achanna get through the difficult phase and for that, she and the Impact Guru family wish to appreciate your efforts. We hope you continue supporting our fundraising efforts and enjoy the experience of impacting the lives of many. 


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