219 IG Donors helped Tavish get a New Liver

By: Aman Soni, Shreyoshi Das

Published On: May 24, 2022


Tavish doesn’t have a bulging stomach and incredible pain caused by autoimmune hepatitis anymore. That’s because you came into his life. 

Struggling with the weight of his failing liver, Tavish had a simple desire to be well again, and play outdoors with other boys his age- football, cricket, and other sports. But he could play none of those. Tavish went through a sad time as he was missing out on his young life! 

Belonging to a family with a humble background, it was difficult for Tavish to undergo an expensive liver transplant in a very short period of time. As time was running out they turned to Impact Guru the most trusted crowdfunding platform for a quick turnaround. 

As Tavish’s mother opted for fundraising through Impact Guru, you donated wholeheartedly even during the pandemic time. Your support made a liver transplant a reality for young Tavish in August 2021. After the transplant, Tavish was required to stay indoors for six months to avoid any sort of infection or complications. But now Tavish is much better and can venture outdoors and lead the life he was missing. 

“I love you because you prayed for me and donated for my treatment during those tough pandemic days. I ask God to bless all the 219 Impact Guru donors who were rooting for me and those who shared my story and wished me the very best. I am humbled and grateful,” Tavish smiles. 

Thank You to all the Impact Guru donors once again for making Tavish’s treatment possible. 

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