Khushi can now rise like a phoenix thanks to your support

By: Khushi Gohil

Published On: May 10, 2022


India contributes to 1/3rd of the missing global female population. About 4.6 crore females are missing in the Indian demography in 2020 due to the preference of sons over daughters, as per a recently released UNFPA report. Women in India fight this cruel bias since day 1 of their conception. 

Khushi is one such bright girl, who was challenged by these unjust practices right from the time she was in Manju’s womb. Manju was forced into sex-determination sonography during the 7th month of pregnancy. When her husband learned that she was pregnant with a girl, he beat and tortured her in an attempt to get her to abort. But Manju was ready to go to any lengths for her unborn daughter’s survival - she held on even after her husband abandoned the house and never returned. 

Khushi’s birth washed away all the traumatic events from Manju’s mind. She knew that she had succeeded in being a mother. But fate had more struggles written for the mother and daughter. A year into Khushi’s birth, she suddenly fell sick. She grew breathless and had difficulty while eating and walking. After no medicines from the local doctors helped, Manju gathered all her savings and sold her gold to get the girl admitted to a big hospital. There, tests revealed Khushi was suffering from congenital heart disease. 

A corrective surgery worth Rs 4.6 lakh Khushi’s sole way to outlive her condition. By this point, Manju had nowhere to turn to for help. She could neither go back to seek help from her husband nor could she find a way to make a living in the lockdown. Khushi’s frail health also demanded her constant attention. 

A few days later, help arrived from the very world that punished Manju and Khushi for being females. A kind NGO volunteer reached out to Impact Guru on behalf of the mother. 

The overwhelming support of 216 Impact Guru donors raised 105% of the goal amount! In September 2021, Khushi finally entered a healthy phase in her life after her corrective surgery. 

‘Throughout the years, I kept telling myself that I had to be strong for my Khushi. I had many low points, and I still do. But seeing my girl smile and be active once again makes all the bad days seem less painful. I attribute this entirely to Impact Guru’s amazing team and donors. Thank you so much for considering Khushi your own. Your support has really shown us that kindness exists and will find its way into our lives regardless of the fact that we’re females. Because of people like you, women like me can dare to go against society’s limiting beliefs. Thank you for looking after us, Impact Guru.’

  - Manju Mondal, Khushi’s mother.

Khushi’s success story is not just about her, it’s about the entire Indian girl child community. Khushi’s victory is the collective victory of a daughter, a mother, and a wife. Change starts in small numbers and we are certain that in the coming years, the numbers will improve as more and more Indian girls will have the courage and resilience to keep challenging societal evils. 

Let us pledge to support and safeguard the lives and dreams of girls and women. 



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