Crowdfunding helps elderly couple save their firstborn from health issues

By: Trinete Rodrigues, Gaurav Salvi

Published On: March 23, 2021


We were elated when the doctors told us we were expecting. We awaited this day for 28 years. We had spent lakhs on the IVF method just so we could experience parenthood. My journey to becoming a mother was the most beautiful thing I could experience. I couldn’t wait to see my little one. 

In the 7th month of my pregnancy, I felt a harsh pain in my womb. Visits to the doctors revealed I was in labour. I remember being terrified. After my C-section, I was told I was blessed with a baby girl. But she was extremely sick and needed ICU care. I wept like there was no tomorrow. My husband ran around to arrange funds for the sudden hospitalization of my newborn. Never in a million years did we expect to face such a situation. The amount required by the hospital for my daughter’s treatment was unaffordable, one which we couldn’t arrange on my husband’s income as a carpenter.

During this difficult time, a kind soul told us about crowdfunding on Impact Guru. Pleading to strangers was our final resort. We never imagined receiving such an overwhelming response- 1 thousand story shares! Funds for our baby’s NICU care were arranged in no time and a few months, we were able to take her home. 

We don’t leave our baby, Chestha’s side. We can’t get over her cuteness! Seeing her smile warms our hearts. What Impact Guru has done for us, Ramesh and I will never forget it! Thank you for giving us the chance to start a family.


- Rashila (Baby Chestha’s mother)


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