Hilal’s large head was risking his life, when You helped him.

By: Hilal

Published On: October 17, 2020


A large head and the pain in his eyes, he was struggling for many years. 

The innocent 7-year-old was robbed of his childhood by a medical condition called hydrocephalus. It is a rare condition where there is excessive fluid accumulation in the brain. 

Hilal was born a healthy child in Chennai, India. But just about 6 months after his birth, his parents noticed his head distinctively grow bigger. Anxiously, they turned to a hospital, where scans and medical tests revealed that he was suffering from a rare and deadly disease. 

It was from this moment on Hilal's life changed and soon he became bed-ridden. 

When the pressure in the brain is severe, it makes it increasingly difficult for the patient to move their head, hampering normal movement of the body. Hilal suffered the same fate. 

While medication was given to the little boy, he constantly suffered from the risk of falling unconscious, slipping into a coma and battling multiple organ failure. 

Over time, a surgical procedure called VP (ventriculoperitoneal) Shunt became his only chance at life. This surgery would help drain the fluid out of his brain and provide him with relief. 

The cost of this surgery, along with the ICU charges was estimated in lakhs, an amount way beyond his family’s reach. His father is a poor man who breeds chicken for a living. Hilal’s parents constantly feared that Hilal would perish from the illness, as they simply had no money left for the surgery after funding his treatment for years. That’s when the hospital told Hilal’s parents about ImpactGuru.com. 

On Impact Guru’s online fundraiser, strangers, who watched his story online, took notice. Young Hilal was able to raise money from hundreds of donors quickly and got the surgery in November 2019. Over the months, Hilal’s head has reduced considerably in size. For the head to regain its normal shape, Hilal and his family might need to wait for about a year. With the fluid draining gradually out of his brain, Hilal has become more responsive. Hydrocephalus no more threatens the sweet boy’s life. 


On behalf of his family, we thank every one of you, who came forward and helped Hilal’s life-saving treatment become a reality. Here’s what his mother has to say to all of us- 


“I was constantly scared for my boy’s life, but with the support of ImpactGuru.com, I could turn his life around. Please keep praying for Thank you for all you did for Hilal.”

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