Born a mermaid in the human world Hammad’s rare condition got your love

By: Krisha Gohil, Suraj Pandey

Published On: October 11, 2021


Born into the human world with mermaid legs, Hammad’s extraordinary journey towards normalcy will touch your heart.  

Hammad’s first sight in October 2020 perplexed the doctors, while his mother fainted instantly after giving birth. Both his legs were fused like that of a mermaid! To the young parents’ horror, their firstborn’s urogenitals were dislocated behind his legs rather than the usual front.

Hammad was the 7th Indian child to be born with the rare Sirenomelia a.k.a. the Mermaid Syndrome since 2012. In this rare congenital condition, the baby’s legs are partially fused, causing him/her to look like a real-life mermaid. Only 1 in 1 lakh children born in India suffers the brunt of this disorder.

Apart from fused legs, this condition may also affect the baby’s heart, lungs, kidneys, urogenital system, and even the spine and skeletal structure. Little Hammad’s heart, lungs, and brain were completely fine, but his underdeveloped lower body was a matter of concern. His left kidney was fussed, while his gallbladder was contracted. His rectum and male reproductive organs were abruptly fused together at the back.

No matter how limited in literacy, his parents knew that the cost of the cure had to be arranged, no matter what. However, they were shocked when the estimate was shared. To their dismay, Rs 23 lakh was the sum for their 10-month-old’s life. The newborn’s multiple organ surgeries consisted of diffusion of his legs and nerve supply to both the legs. Followed by that, his surgeries for dislocated urogenitalia and kidney would take place.

On an electrician’s income of Rs 5 thousand a month, it was impossible for Hammad’s father to arrange such a humongous amount. He moved from Uttar Pradesh to Delhi and knocked on every door for help. Alas, it was your kindness where his frantic search for help came to a happy end. Within just 60 days, 2574 Impact Guru donors surpassed the goal amount on Hammad’s campaign and raised Rs 32,22,421!

On August 19, 2021, the mermaid baby underwent leg surgery and began his new life.

‘For the unfortunate and unusual circumstances, my boy and my family faced, your support was equally miraculous. I had never imagined my child would receive the kindness of so many strangers around the globe. You’re the reason why Hammad has finally begun smiling at us. May Allah bless you all with unending grace!’

-          Mohammad Abid, Hammad’s father.

Impact Guru thanks all the well-wishers who came forth to cute Hammad’s rescue. Your kindness is the reason why countless patients can dare to move past their diseases and on to a better life. 

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