A husband’s arduous journey to help his comatose wife, Saumya get a crowdfunding boost

By: Himanshu Trivedi

Published On: June 15, 2019

Number of Donors: 510 Donors

Total Funds Raised: Rs 18,24,628

Diagnosis: Multiple fractures and Critical brain injuries after an accident


32-year-old medical student Saumya suffered critical brain injuries after a near-fatal fall on 25th April 2019. The tragic event has left her comatose.

Saumya’s husband Venendra was aware that her recovery would take a long time and financing her treatment would be a huge challenge. His friends came for his rescue. They created a fundraiser on ImpactGuru.com for Saumya.

Each of Venendra’s friends shared the fundraiser on social networks like Facebook and Whatsapp. Within no time their appeal reached a wider audience and funds started pouring in. More than 500 donors helped Venendra raise 18,24,628 in just 21 days on ImpactGuru.com.

 “Saumya is responding well to the treatment. I hope she will wake up soon and return home. Saumya and I will forever remain grateful to all our friends and generous donors. We are also grateful to the amazing team at Impactguru.com. They connected us to all the compassionate people out there. The idea of crowdfunding has forever changed our lives and has reinstated my faith in humanity. I would definitely recommend crowdfunding and Imactguru.com to anyone with medical need(s).”

  • Venendra Tembhare, husband 


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