Generous strangers saves Lavanya's newborn

By: Oshin Rao

Published On: July 08, 2019

Number of Donors: 350 Donors

Total Funds Raised: Rs 5,51,938

Diagnosis: Premature birth defect in breathing


I work as a delivery man for Zomato. I earn a meagre income. It is insufficient to pay for my baby’s medication and NICU bills. His treatment was estimated at Rs. 12.5 Lakhs.

Our baby was hospitalised at Little Star Hospital, Hyderabad. The doctors at the hospital asked us to opt for crowdfunding on ImpactGuru. 

Crowdfunding was truly a blessing, The fundraiser on turned out to be the right platform for me and my family. The team from also kept a tab on our son’s condition. 


I had spent all my savings on his treatment. The donors stepped in when I was on the verge of giving up. Our gratitude towards all our donors is inexpressible. Although they are strangers, yet they helped us when it mattered the most. Crowdfunding has increased our faith in humanity by many folds.


Know more about her story here.  


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