It takes a day to change your life- Hitesh’s Story

By: Sushant Sharma

Published On: August 17, 2019




                                                                                    It takes a day to change your life- Hitesh’s Story


Amount: Rs.25,44,354

Days: 36 days



In the dunes of Rajasthan, 7-year-old Hitesh feared going out. The kids called him a freak. The fear had paralysed him so much that he did not even attend any family functions. The kids from the neighbourhood played and led a normal life but Hitesh’s life was different. Hitesh had contracted jaundice a few days after he was born. The disease resulted in a complete loss of eyesight.

Hitesh’s years of agony and frustration came to an end when an investigative journalist who was visiting the slums of Jodhpur, saw the boy. He took the family to Shreya Hospital, Delhi where doctors suggested that they could help Hitesh with cornea transplants. The cost of the transplant was Rs. 25 lakh. The little hope the family had, vanished into thin air when they found out the cost of the treatment. The journalist then suggested them to crowdfund their son’s treatment.

medical fundraiser

The family had nothing to lose. They started a fundraiser on Hitesh’s heart-wrenching story attracted 1960 donors from all across the world. Within a day, his fundraiser reached the goal amount of Rs. 25 lakh! His family is overwhelmed and grateful for all the love that the world showered on Hitesh.

Hitesh is undergoing treatment. The recent diagnosis shows that his optic nerves have disintegrated. The family will soon be leaving for Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai for further consultation to discuss the possibility of regenerating Hitesh’s optic nerves. Only because of your donation and well wishes has Hitesh made it so far! 

Crowdfunding and generous people like you have given hope to a child whose world was filled with darkness!




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