Crowdfunding Saves Dhanashri After A Fatal Accident

By: Kleio Bhagwati

Published On: September 10, 2019


20-year-old Dhanashri’s life crumbled into rubbles when the car she and her family were traveling in, met with an accident. The fatal accident claimed the lives of Dhanashri’s mother, her grandfather, aunt, uncle and her 4-year-old cousin. Her brother Prathamesh, passed away on the way to the hospital. 

Dhanashri was the sole survivor of the massive road accident.

Dhanashri needed Rs 20 Lakh to recover from a brain injury and several fractures. The cost of the treatment was too much for her family to bear.

Dhanashri’s uncle Ashish, started a fundraiser on the behest of the hospital. 

A flood of kindness welcomed Ashish’s online fundraiser. People from all walks of life and from all over the world contributed to Dhanashri’s treatment. 454 donors in just over a month, helped Dhanashri get the much-needed surgeries.

Dhanashri's brain surgery was successful. She also underwent physiotherapy and was released from the hospital on March 2019. Right now, Dhanashri goes for regular medical check-ups and is getting better with each passing day.

Dhanashri is working on her dream of becoming an actress. She thanks all her donors on ImpactGuru for keeping her and her dream alive.

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