Crowdfunding saves Arijit, the son of an Indian Army Officer

By: Sushant Sharma

Published On: October 07, 2019


Total raised: Rs. 52,35,612

Donors: 1772

26-year-old young and vivacious Arjit was having the best time of his life when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Immediately, he underwent chemotherapy, but the result was nil. Chemotherapy simply didn’t work. Upon further consultation, the doctors prescribed ibrutinib- a very expensive drug to help him. The estimated cost of treatment per month was around Rs. 1,40,000. His father, who is a colonel in the Indian Army had exhausted all his savings on  Arjit’s treatment.

When the road ahead gets difficult

Col. Ashok Kumar Singh made the right decision at the right moment. He made a fundraiser for his son and shared it among his peers, family and friends. Col. Singh is popular in his regiment for his professionalism and work ethics. Soon, his fellow officers and even his juniors started contributing. They also shared the story on social media. With over 900 shares and 1772 donors, they raised Rs. 52,35,612 out of Rs. 65 lakh.

The last hurdle

Col. Singh is delighted that he has managed to raise this amount with your help and blessings. Now, Arjit needs a donor for his stem cell transplant that will save his life.

“The job is half done now, but I am happy that so many people came forward to help my son. I am grateful to you.”

- Col. Ashok Kumar Singh




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