Free of liver cancer, Helina gets to live a new life

By: Aman Soni, Kleio Bhagwati, Sachin Maingade

Published On: June 02, 2022


I was always in awe of people who have big hearts, who go to great lengths to help other souls. Donors of Impact Guru, you have made my heart sing with joy because you brought my baby Helina back to life from cancer. The long and painful journey of my daughter came to a joyous end as you stepped in to save my child. Oh, how she smiles and breathes the joy of new life, because of you! 

My Baby girl was diagnosed with liver cancer at the puny age of 4. My eyes were always wet with tears, and I knew the agony that a father should never know. With hopes and a strong heart, I marched forward to save my Helina. The doctors at Global hospital informed me that her cancer was treatable. Hearing this hope spread through my body! The only hurdle was that her treatment would cost about Rs 8.05 Lakh. My savings were already depleted, and arranging this sum was nearly impossible until you stepped up to my help.

How can I thank you dear donors for saving my baby from the claws of cancer? You made the treatment for my Helina possible. You saved my little one from cancer. Her dreams of becoming a doctor will finally come true and so is my dream of keeping my daughter safe and sound.

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