Crowdfunding gives young mother Sanju the gift of a heart transplant

By: Sanju Duhan

Published On: October 01, 2019


24-year-old Sanju Duhan is a young mother who decided to marry early in life and considered herself blessed to give birth to two healthy children. However, after the birth of the second daughter, Sanju started having seizures. 

Her children were so little, they couldn’t live a second apart from their mother. Unfortunately, Sanju was diagnosed with a heart problem and became completely dependent on medications to survive. 

The doctors at Fortis Hospital ran essential tests and diagnosed Sanju with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. They informed the family that a heart transplant was her only chance at life. A shocked and disheartened family began arranging funds for the surgery. 

Sanju needed Rs 25 lakh urgently to undergo the transplant and post-operative care. Her husband, Rajesh Duhan, works as a driver. He gave away all the savings he had for his wife’s surgery but realized he didn’t have enough to save her life. 


That is when he came across a poster of at the hospital and he considered the option to crowdfund his wife’s heart transplant. Within no time, generous donors came together and helped Sanju raise enough funds for her treatment. 

Today, Sanju has successfully undergone her transplant and is now on her way to be with her daughters. The family thanks medical crowdfunding on that helped them in their time of need. 

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