Generous Impact Guru donors pave way for Fazil’s kidney transplant

By: Satyendra Nair, Dharm Birwa

Published On: March 03, 2021


For a teenager, his stature was small as his growth had stopped in 2015 when he was just 9 years old. The reason? A hard-fought battle with chronic kidney disease had left 14-year-old Fazil in a world of misery. 

But in 2018, Fazil kidneys failed completely. As a result, the teenager was put on dialysis. This meant that no matter how much he craved his favourite food, his diet was always bland. No matter how thirsty he was, he couldn’t drink more than 200 ml of water every day. As his chest filled with water, Fazil spent several sleepless nights for over 5 years.

Things were going terribly wrong by December 2020, even dialysis stopped working and Fazil needed a kidney transplant.

For 5 years there had been no Eid for the Shaikhs. The poor child even spent his 14th birthday getting dialysis treatment. “We’ll surely celebrate next year, beta,” his mother reassured him. 

2021 brought on renewed hope for the 14-year-old boy. When well-wishers saw the Shaikh family in trouble, they directed Fazil to Impact Guru and the magic began. In just 2 weeks, Fazil received 75% of the funds needed for his life-saving kidney transplant. He soon got the treatment he had waited for 3 years in want of funds. His mother was the donor. 

Do you know the driving force behind this change in Fazil’s life? It is you! Generous Impact Guru donors empathized with the child’s condition and decided to help him out. Today, Fazil is happy because he can drink as much water as he wants to and he can again go back to following his hobby- swimming! 

You are awesome. Thank you, Impact Guru,” says a beaming Fazil.


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