Impact Guru family, thank you for saving my life!

By: Kshitija Fand, Gaurav Salvi

Published On: March 08, 2021



I do remember the day when I got to know my both kidneys were failing drastically. I couldn’t believe I would be going through so much trouble at such a young age. I had lost all hope, yet I started taking dialysis. Things didn’t work out well even after the treatment. My kidneys kept growing weaker. I was finally told that I needed a kidney transplant- the sooner the better.

Then came the tough decision of someone donating a body part. While we were still thinking about whom to approach for help, my father got himself tested and was declared a perfect match. Now, I had a donor but we didn’t have the funds to carry out the surgery. As days passed, my health issues increased. With finances running low, my chances of survival were limited.

That’s when Yogesh Patil sir recommended we look up Impact Guru to get financial help. At that time my family and I met the team of Impact Guru. They were so down-to-earth and understanding. Each and every time we required any support, they were right there.  

Thanks a ton, Impact Guru! My family and I are grateful to you from the bottom of our hearts.

With the help of the Impact Guru family, my entire process of a kidney transplant went smoothly. The team was transparent and shared with us all the updates regarding our fundraiser. Some angelic team members of Impact Guru took care of me when I was low by motivating me. They called me up and messaged me to know how I was faring before and after the surgery. Today I am home and recovering. Impact Guru still continues to check on my health even when the fundraiser is over! That’s why I truly believe that Impact Guru cares #imactgurucares

Once again, thanks to the donors and the entire Impact Guru family for helping us in my difficult time and saving my life. Thanks for all your support. Without you, all of it wouldn’t have been possible. I have survived and you are the reason why.


Kshitija Rajendra Fand.

//393 people shared Kshitija’s fundraiser story and helped her get the kidney transplant. We thank each and every donor who saved the young girl’s life//


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