86 strangers' joint effort saves Rachaittri from paralysis!

By: Aishwarya Kiran

Published On: June 07, 2019

Rachaittri Gupta

Number of Donors: 86 Donors

Total Funds Raised: Rs 5,23,058-/-

Diagnosis: Spinal cord injury and paralysis

In 2016, a brutal fall injured Rachaittri severely. The injury left her paralyzed, waist down. Stem cell therapy was her only resort. With the help of your generous contributions, Rachaittri received stem cell therapy in time. The treatment was successful and Rachaittri can now finally go back to pursuing her dreams of dancing and acting. She is recuperating at the moment. She also goes for physiotherapy daily.

Rachaittri’s diagnosis left her feeling helpless. She decided to browse some crowdfunding options on Google. ImpactGuru’s name popped on her screen. She had seen their fundraisers on her Facebook feed. Upon checking the excellent reviews, she was convinced to approach them.

Although crowdfunding was a fairly new concept in India, she thought of giving it a try. She says, “I didn’t know how much funds would be raised. However, choosing to crowdfund has been the smartest decision of my life.” Social media, especially Facebook proved to be a great platform for sharing the fundraiser not only with family and friends but also with strangers. She beams, “Strangers came to my rescue just like an extended family would. The team at ImpactGuru.com did a commendable job at boosting the fundraiser and making it available to an audience beyond my social reach.”

Rachaittri says, “These generous strangers helped me without knowing me personally. Crowdfunding has restored my faith in humanity. I’m very grateful to ImpactGuru and the donors for this entire experience. I recommend crowdfunding to all those in need.”

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